Banks Law Office has moved

As of January 02, 2015 Robert Banks and his team joined Samuels Yoelin Kantor, LLP to form the Investor Defenders practice group. Mr. Banks continues to focus on representing investors in FINRA arbitration and in court to recover losses caused by the misconduct of professionals. Most recently we opened an investigation in to the Aequitas situation. Please see our specific coverage at

For 33 years we have focused our practice exclusively on the recovery of investment losses for individual investors, groups, retirement funds, and pension plans throughout the country. We have earned a stellar reputation and received millions of dollars in awards against large brokerage firms, national law firms and nationally licensed investment advisory firms. In the vast majority of our cases, our clients prevail. We are experts in FINRA arbitration, and state blue sky securities laws. If your problem relates to investments, we will have something to say about it.

The best way for you to get answers to your questions is to simply contact our office. You will speak directly with an attorney experienced with investment misconduct who can give you undivided attention and specific answers that apply to your unique situation. The call is confidential and costs you nothing. Don't delay, because one of the most common problems that wronged investors face is that they waited too long to take action.

Your choice of a lawyer is probably the most important decision you make in responding to your loss. We actively track brokers and products. We understand your situation. Read our credentials, consider our reputation and long track record of success, and contact us.